About Us

Where Professionalism, Efficiency & Ethics are met together.

Dr. Badran law Firm is one of the eminent law firms an Egypt. Our Firm comprises a professional team of specialized advocates able to render comprehensive legal advices on commercial law, corporate law, Government & Construction Contracts.

In the context of disputes resolution, we have a wide experience in Arbitration practice-both as arbitrators & attorneys- we additionally represent our clients before Egyptian Courts.

Badran Law Firm has been established in 1995 by Professor Dr. Mohamed M. Badran, Professor of public law, Cairo University.

Badran Law Firm is a leading specialized law firm in Egypt, it is specialized in Arbitration, Litigation, Construction law, Commercial law and Government contracts as well as corporate and labour laws. Badran Law Office has an exceptional team work which comprises of professional advocates and accurate legal advisors.

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